The Kahn Report on Sexual Preferences

The Kahn Report on Sexual Preferences

(St. Martins, 1981 ; Avon 1982)

Many years ago, there was the Kinsey Report. The Hite Report reached a wide and enthusiastic audience. The book most talked about was The Kahn Report on Sexual Preferences. Sandra S. Kahn has produced a study which is not only an impressive work of scholarly research but is fascinating and accessible to the layman.

Her two-year study is the result of a careful survey of hundreds of adults who, guaranteed anonymity, responded candidly as to what of a variety of sexual behaviors by the opposite sex they found most-or least-arousing. Of particular interest are her findings on how men and women perceive each other's preferences, as well as their speculations on what members of their own sex prefer.

The results are surprising. Ms. Kahn has written:

"It is a book that can help men and women learn more about what sexual activities each sex prefers and how to communicate and express these each other."

"It is a book which attempts to explain why men and women have trouble telling one another what sexual activities they enjoy."

"It is a book that will increase your knowledge of the opposite sex, make you more comfortable in talking about your own preferences, and help you achieve a more mutually satisfying sex life with your partner."

Most interesting, the reader of The Kahn Report is invited to test him-or her-self and compare the results to the survey's. There can be little doubt that this instructive and entertaining book will be of value to the great majority of couples today. It is certain to arouse contro¬versy and equally certain to take its place as a landmark study of human sexuality.

Sandra S. Kahn, M.A. is a full-time private psychotherapist in Northbrook, Illinois.

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