The Ex-Wife Syndrome / Leaving Him Behind

Sandra S. Kahn's "The Ex-Wife Syndrome / Leaving Him Behind" Named top 3 book on Divorce (Random House)

The divorce rate has skyrocketed—you know the statistics. In feet, if you've been married, chances are even that you've been divorced, or someday will be. What you may not know is what psychotherapist Sandra Kahn discovered in more than thirteen years of clinical experience with hundreds of divorced women,and confirmed in extensive interviews with dozens more. As she explains in this path-breaking book, a disturbing number of divorced women suffer from self-destructive feelings and behaviors that thwart their every attempt to regain a life of vitality, happiness, and fulfillment— often for years beyond the divorce itself. These symptoms fall into recognizable, universal patterns— The Ex-Wife Syndrome — and are rooted, as Kahn shows, in unresolved and largely unconscious issues and expectations that keep women psychologically bound to their ex-husbands. In effect, the persistence of this bond keeps the ex-wife hostage to the worst dynamics of her marriage.

Fortunately, there is a way out—and up. Step by step, Kahn guides readers through the therapeutic process she developed to help her patients recover. Sufferers will learn to:

In addition, there is information on resources and a chapter for a special kind of ex-wife: the widow. Frank and supportive, The Ex-Wife Syndrome will give countless women a new lease on life.

Excerpt - Chapter 2 - "WHAT IS AN EX-WIFE"

No matter how awful the marriage, no matter how traumatic the divorce, when the decree is handed down and the dust begins to settle, the newly divorced woman has experienced loss. A marriage is over, a whole way of life - with its good points as well as its bad - is gone. Finished too is the role of wife as the woman has played it throughout the marriage, with it's satisfying aspects as well as its frustrations. As many writers on divorce have pointed out, in large part recovering from divorce means mourning and ultimately accepting those losses. Not until she goes through the natural grieving process can the newly divorced woman turn expectantly to the future. Read more...


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